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The range of our production possibilities includes: round cables, flat cables, pre-assembled strands, coax cables, harnesses, power cables, data cables, network cables, special cables, etc. We manufacture in the following technical processes: crimping, soldering, crimping, and insulation displacement technology our machines and tools products of all popular manufacturers. We offer cable assembly to the manufacture of complex wiring harnesses. Our production is customer-oriented.


We offer our customers 100% control of the production process and final quality assurance. The SPC (statistical process control) methods we use comply with the ISO 9001 standard. Our quality inspectors have a range of devices for testing the final product. Production is based on the standards VDE, HAR, UL / CSA.

        Certification ISO 9001:2015


In our company we set a series of machines with excellent production possibilities. Especially the products of Navia International GmbH are used at several workplaces. The machines from the GlobalCut, GlobalStrip, GlobalCrimp series not only guarantee the highest precision, but also a trouble-free work process.


                  Komax Kappa 330
               GlobalCut 100 digital

Partnership Benefits

We are happy to take over the procurement of materials for your advanced materials. Due to the extremely good business relationships we maintain with our suppliers, we can also assist you in purchasing the necessary components and ensure you appropriate price advantages through our long-standing cooperation with our partners.


In close cooperation with our customers we develop joint projects including material flow. Of course, the implementation can also be carried out according to your specifications in the contract manufacturing, with a 100% electrical final inspection keeps the quality constant at the highest level. Labeling and labeling takes place entirely according to your ideas (for example with company logo or data code).

Examples from our Production

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